NORCAL Referees' Page

2015-2016 Seminar Schedule

Check the IHONC web site for the most up-to-date information on seminar schedules, and procedures for getting started:

Please see the USA Hockey web site for more details.
All participants must register with USA Hockey as an Official and also register for a specific seminar on line. Registration opens 8/3/15. All Officials will need to register in order to determine the number of Instructors and materials we will need. Also, every seminar will have a maximum number of spots available (first come first serve).

New Officials

If you are a person who has never been a referee, but would like to understand how to start, IHONC has prepared a guide:

IHONC Referees' Association

All NORCAL games are officiated by members of IHONC, the Ice Hockey Officials of Northern California. Their web page is:

Game Scheduling Procedures

Officials for regularly-scheduled NORCAL A and B games are arranged by the league through IHONC.

To arrange officials for exhibition games arranged by member clubs or teams, a request must be made through each club's official scheduling contact and through the NORCAL scheduler. Every NORCAL member club has a person designated as the scheduling and ice contact. That is the only person from whom scheduling requests can be accepted.

Clubs or teams are not to contact IHONC directly. IHONC has been asked to return any such request back through the proper channels.

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